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Xorcom Thailand PMS Certified Fidelio etc
Complete Concierge - VOIP PBX with integrated PMS interface Certified by Micros Fidelio
Xorcom VOIP Asterisk PBX included with a PMS Interface and it utilizes existing Hotel  phones, cabling &  Improving Efficiency

All Major PMS Packages have been certified as compatible with Xorcom Thailand Complete Concierge!

Businesses in the hospitality business can add funtionality & also improve their bottom line by upgrading their telephone systems to Xorcom Thailand - Concierge.  It is a cost-effective VOIP Asterisk based PBX. Not only does the transition to Xorcom Thailand VOIP PBX save on internal company communications and improve productivity by integrating with the hotel/hospitality business' data network, it utilizes existing infrastructure (analog phone sets and cabling), and is compatible with all major leading PMS (Property Management System) packages.

Main Advantages of the "Xorcom Thailand - Complete Concierge" Bundled Solution

  • Connects thru interfaces with all major hospitality systems (e.g., Micros Opera, Protel PMS, Amadeus, Optima PMS, Brilliant, Newhotel, etc.)
  • Includes an integrated billing & call accounting package
  • Supports the existing hotel telephony infrastructure:Xorcom Thailand Comparison Chart
  • Supports up to 1,000 ports for analog phones.
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • SIP phone with auto configuration & provisioning for hotel administration
  • Automated Wake up call can be set by hotel staff or by customer.
  • All Asterisk advanced features are supported and available.
  • 19" rack mount kit
  • Public Address (PA) loud speaker and zone PA support
  • Input / output support for other peripheral devices


Certified PMS Interface is included between Concierge VoIP PBX and all major PMS's

The interface software in the Complete Concierge provided certified interface compatibiliy with such PMS as Micros Fidelio, Protel, Amadeus Hospitality, Optima PMS, etc.) and the Xorcom Thailand VOIP Hotel PBX.

Xorcom Thailand Complete Concierge is available in three major configurations:

  1. Xorcom Thailand - Basic Package - for smaller properties that are not currently using any PMS, this package includes a basic PMS with rock solid functionality.
  2. Xorcom Thailand - Choice Package - includes all  functionality required to run the a property and integrates very well with all the major PMS packages listed above.
  3. Xorcom Thailand - Premium Package - this includes all major features mentioned in the Choice Package, also additional interfaces to all major third-party applications.

Xorcom Thailand - Complete Concierge "Choice Package" Features

  • Integrated wakeup call (can be set by hotel staff or by hotel guests)
  • O perator Panel that is Web browser based
  • Check-In & Check-Out by Front desk
  • Upon Check-In the Guest name applied to the rooms phone
  • Upon Check-Out Vacant applied to rooms phone
  • Upon Check-In the phone is activated in the guests room for calls
  • Upon Check-Out the phone is deactivated in the guests room for calls
  • Upon Check-In the phone is activated for guest voicemail box
  • Upon Check-Out the phones Guests Voice Mail box are emptied or cleaned out
  • Maid Cleaning for room status is built into the system
  • Mini-bar status can be updated by hotel staff using the in room phone
  • Call or Bill Accounting System is built into the system with adjustable rate tables

Xorcom Thailand - Premium Package is everything that is included in the Choice Package plus…

  • Call Center Management Reporting for hotel inbound calls and time share reservations
  • Outbound software with scripting for hotel compaignes and reservation applications
  • CRM integration with contact/guest screen pops for Inbound calls
  • Storage and Playback of Call recordings

Xorcom Thailand - Concierge System Requirements

  • Xorcom VOIP PBX Asterisk System
  • Windows PC (XP, Windows 7 or newer, NO server OS required)
  • Note: Connection from the Xorcom VOIP PBX to the hotel PMS system is over IP Ethernet.
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Video Demo of Concierge PBX / PMS


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Xorcom Thailand is the ultimate Hotel VOIP PBX / PMS (Property Management System) solution for Hotels, Service Apartments, Resorts, Condos & more.   It is a scalable solution for your single or multi property locations.   With its ability to use analog phones in the rooms you can also save costs.

Get certified specialists who know and work on a daily basis to provide business class Hotel VOIP PBX Xorcom solutions in Thailand
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