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Snom Phones, designed and produced in Germany, are the Porsche's of the VOIP handset industry but at Volkswagen market prices.  There is simply no better value on the market than these phones.  In addition the integration of Crytographics and VPN technology such as OpenVPN make these the most secure handsets to be found.

Snom Thailand Phones on selected models have Touch Screen High-Definition TFT technology.
Awarded by ITSPA (Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association) of the UK, the snom Touch Screen VoIP phone is the newest technology for all business professionals with very high demands for leading edge technology. The large high-definition TFT Touch Screen color display offers an advancement in todays technology. This display is a  newly designed touch screen with a very unique, and very intuitive user interface.

Snom Thailand Phones on selected models use HDvoice.   What is HDvoice technology?
HDvoice is short for high-definition voice or wideband voice, for Internet telephony, it refers to the use of G.722 codec VOIP technology to provide a deeper sound and better audio spectrum  in VoIP communications. Standard VOIP telephony samples the sound stream at 8,000 times per second with a sound spectrum in the range between 200Hz to 3.3KHz and fits into a 64Kbps bandwidth. In HDvoice, a wide-band codec doubles the sound rate and doubles the width of the spectrum of sound reproduced, from 50Hz-7KHz. This in turn adds depth and nuance to the sound and reduces the amount of bandwidth required to only 32Kbps, about half of what a PSTN transmission requires.

HDvoice uses Digital aSignal Processing (DSP) to capture and to transmit at higher quality of sound. Most wide-band codecs being used for HDvoice include G.722.1 and G.722. 

Snom Thailand Phones on selected models can use OpenVPN.   What is OpenVPN technology?
OpenVPN is a full featured VPN software solution that integrates OpenVPN info your Snom Phone. This allows you to connect to your VOIP Server from any location in the world in a very simple way.   It also elimiates the need for complicated NAT Transveral with SIP.

You would be interested to know that you can also configure two Snom phones for VPN without any additional equipment? Snom provides a special VPN firmware for select IP phone models that allow you to set up a secure point-to-point VPN VoIP infrastructure using OpenVPN.

Snom phones use OpenVPN that is licensed under the Open Source GPL  and is compatible with RSA Certs and SSL / TLS, as well as DHCP PKI, NAT, X509, and TUN/TAP devices. Using the Snom models 370, 820 or 870, MeetingPoint with OpenVPN you can tunnel packets of your phone over one single TCP or UDP port.  This eliminates problematic NAT Transverals and large numbers or ports on your firewall that are required by VOIP SIP phones.

Snom Phones are the highest quality German manufactured VOIP Phones in the world.
                   Made for Military, Government, Professional businesses and Call Centers .

                   - Netropolitan Works  is an Authorized Snom Product Reseller in Thailand  

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  • High Quality Design
  • HDvoice
  • OpenVPN
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Auto Provisioning
  • SIP Compatible


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Snom Thailand - Glance of Models
Snom Thailand at a Glance

Snom Thailand - Touch Screen 870
Snom Thailand Touch Screen

Snom Thailand- M9 Cordless DECT
Snom Thailand - M9 DECT Cordless

Snom - The Series 8 Experience
Snom Thailand - Model 821

Snom - The Series 7 Pro Experience
Snom Phones - Model 720 760


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