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Consulting Experts

- Netropolitan Works has become Thailand's premiere provider of Asterisk Thailand consultants for enterprise VoIP Telephony solutions and software integration projects. Our Asterisk Thailand Consulting team has expertise in deploying & developing asterisk solutions for small businesses and large enterprise solutions. Our Asterisk Thailand consultants offer senior Asterisk Thailand Support to customers with standard configurations and highly customized Asterisk setups.

Asterisk Thailand VoIP implementations lend flexibility when integrating into CRM's, call centers, and can handle thousands of phone calls per minute. Our Asterisk Thailand consultants are here to help you build your tailor, scalable system.

We have Asterisk Thailand experience installing the following technologies:

  • ACD Queues
  • Call Center Applications
  • Call Monitoring/Recording
  • Cisco IP Phones
  • Click to Dial applications
  • Custom Asterisk Integrations
  • Integration with Microsoft CRM
  • Linksys IP Phones
  • Polycom IP Phones
  • Sangoma Hardware
  • Video Conferencing
  • Digium Phones
  • Fanvil Phones

Professional IVR or Voice Prompts
Professional recorded voice services are a essential in business telecommunications. A phone call is the first impression or contact a customer has when contacting your company - and a good first impression makes the difference! For existing clients or customers it is also important for your calls and inbound processing to be efficient & smooth in order to better serve them.

You can rely on Netropolitan Works - Asterisk Thailand to create intuitive script writing and professional voice menu (IVR) recordings to help make it easy for callers to understand and navigate your company’s IVR, ACD, or voicemail systems.  Our skilled Asterisk Thailand voice artists and talented marketing professionals create voice menurs for Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Top reasons for an organization to use an Asterisk Thailand VOIP PBX over a Nortel, Alcatel, Cisco, Avaya, other IP PBX system:

  • Add phones and additional office PBX's with your existing IT team.
  • Dynamically expand your telephony network using scaleable solutions.
  • Easily customize your systemto your unique organizational needs.
  • Easily integrate  offices into one VoIP platform and eliminate Long distrance charges.
  • Easily integrate existing & new software applications like ERP, CRM, and software for call centers.
  • Open Source Standards so that your company is not stuck with a proprietary phone system.
  • Reduced cost of buying, maintianing, and deploymenting, compared to other proprietary systems.

- Netropolitan Works has developed NetroCom PBX based on Asterisk and VOIP telephony applications, including custom IVR platforms, calling cost savings solutions, call centers, and much more.

Asterisk-PBX-Thailand-NetroComContact Us to help with your project and find out what Asterisk PBX Thailand can do for your business!   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


To utilize the power and flexablitly of Asterisk use the new HDVoice quality Digium Phones.



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