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VOIP Thailand is the next logical step for businesses to save money and increase functionality of thier communications. With todays technology it is a must to keep in contact in a cost effective high quality, technically sound manor. not a very high priority with the average company because they are not aware of the risks. There are very many VOIP factors that are very specialized when it come to VOIP in Thailand. Most traditional IT Telecommunication companies are not niche' experts that fully understand VOIP and how to support it. VOIP is very integrated into your IT infrastructure that is beyond the traditional telephone guys knowledge. This is where we can shine and help you implement a ROCK SOLD VOIP system for your business.

Netropolitan Works builds secure VOIP Thailand Asterisk PBX systems and can do it in a way that makes sense for your business!

In additiond. ₪ - Netropolitan Works has a fully managed offsite remote support team that can help you manage your system so it is always up. Your VOIP system in Thailand can be backed up daily, weekly and monthly online at a secure offsite backup storage location. If you are in need of world class VOIP system in Thailand wiht 100% uptime it can be done. Click Here to find out more about Our VOIP Thailand Services by NetroCom.

Our NetrCom PBX is an Asterisk based Voice Over IP telephony system that has been enhanced to provide Unified Communications and collaboration tools for your office. VOIP In Thailand with Asterisk PBX is the most widely used Voice Over IP phone system and in American also.   In addition hardware we provide 24/7 support or fully managed systems either onsite or remote. This include hardware replacement, patches/updates, configuration backups, and 24/7 monitoring. Our Netrcom solution is a totally scaleable solutions that can grow with your business. So there is no need to replace the NetroCom PBX if your business grows. You can simply add more NetroCom boxes that link together and work as ONE Enterprise system. We recommend roughly 99 user extensions maximum per NetroCom box but is scalable to unlimited number of extensions.

Don't rely on out dated telephone companies in Thailand who claim to be experts in VOIP systems. Get specialists who know and work on a daily basis to provide VOIP Thailand. NetroCom by - Netropolitan Works !

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