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DID Thailand VOIP NumbersDID Thailand are Direct Inward Dialing Numbers and can be used thru the Internet for VOIP phones and VOIP PBX systems.  Currently in Thailand we offer DID numbers with 02xxxxxx format which is used primarily in Bangkok.   If you require local VOIP numbers for Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin, or other cities we can provide those thru digital lines.

DID Thailand VOIP Phone numbers can be used from any location in the world that has Internet access.   All you need to do is add the DID Thailand account number to your VOIP PBX or VOIP Phone handset from any location in the world.

To view our product line of VOIP Phone Handsets that works with Thailand DID numbers go here:

How does it work?  
The DID Thailand numbers can connect from Internet to your ATA or VOIP PBX or Directly to your VOIP Phone.   See diagram below:



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