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Internet Security Thailand is not a very high priority with the average company because they are not aware of the  risks. There are very many Internet Security factors that are very specialized when it come to websites in Thailand. Most traditional IT security companies are not niche' experts that fully audit or secure a website with eCommerce, Credit Card information kept a MySQL Database, SSL / HTTPS Certificates, members personal information, phishing, community logins, and etc.

Netropolitan Works builds secure CMS websites and can do an Free Audit to check over 60 security points for your website. We work with website issues on a daily basis and have never suffered a security breach or hack to any of the websites we support.

In additiond. ₪ - Netropolitan Works  has a fully outsourced offsite website backup service.   Your website can be backed up daily, weekly and monthly online at a secure offsite backup storage location.   Never worry about being hacked again as your website can be restore quickly at anytime.    If you are in need of world class 99.99% uptime web hosting we also provide this service.  Click Here to find out more about Our Web Hosting Service.   The Netropolitan Works website backup service is included free of charge with our hosting services.

Don't rely on out dated security companies in Thailand who claim to be experts in everything.. Get specialists who know and work on a daily basis to provide Website Internet Security in Thailand. - Netropolitan Works !

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