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We have built many Content Management Systems (CMS) for our clients both in Bangkok, Thailand and for  International Clients. A Content Management System (CMS) enables you to manage and update the content of your websites quickly and easily.   It also eliminates the bulk of your websites maintenance costs. This is much different to the traditional static HTML hardcoded websites that requires website programers with detailed knowledge to make changes to your website.

[ Click Here to view samples of Websites developed on a CMS Thailand system ]

CMS Thailand

Why should you use a CMS Thailand (Content Management System) to publish a website?
  • Well the answer is simple... Not everybody is familiar with HTML, PHP & databases and not everybody wants to be learn HTML code with all the technical issues around building a website and reading through code.
  • Also it gives you control over your site so you can update/edit the content instantly and you can do it yourself without having to makes requests to an Website coding vendor.
  • It is very cost effective when viewed from long term ROI of your website.
  • CMS's are VERY SEO friendly so you will get higher rankings on Google, MSN, Yahoo and others.

What exactly is a Content Management Systems (CMS)?

A CMS, is an Web Application just like Microsoft Word. So if you are able to use Microsoft Word then you will easily be able to update the content on a CMS Thailand system.

  • Netropolitan Works deploy Content Management Systems on our web servers hosted at www.NetroWebWorks.com .
  • Netropolitan Works sets up everything for you thus you have no need to concern yourself with the complicated technical details.  We 'Make Complexity Simple'.
  • Netropolitan Works also designs custom CMS Thailand templates, so the site is unique and in line with your companies branding requirements.

So is it easy…

  • You can type or copy and paste your text into a WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor using your browser
  • You can easily upload your own images to the web server via a standard browser from any location.
  • There is absolutly no need for you to learn how to FTP or about any code for HTML, PHP, JAVA SCRIPTS, and etc.

For any Website requirements you have we will be able to consult and build the right CMS Thailand site for you. Unlike most website designers, we’ are not experts in only one CMS  Thailand type of system. We can use the most cost effective and appropriate CMS system for your needs.

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Joomla CMS

- Netropolitan Works development team specializes in several types of CMS systems but prefers Joomla CMS which is both feature rich and cost effective.

Some of the features of Joomla CMS are as follows:

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CMS Thailand ControlPanel

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CMS Thailand wysiwygtools

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CMS Thailand toolbar

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